Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

Welcome to the 2024 Hockey Season.

Registrations are OPEN for the 2024 season


Registration and Insurance.  This MUST be done and paid for before you take the field.   Your child or yourself will not be able to take the field if this is not paid.

All new members please click on Registration and then REGISTER

All members that played last year click on Registraton and then RENEW 

These are the Hockey Australia, Hockey NSW MSWHA Registration & Insurance Fees Only

Club Fees which include, training, game and umpire fees will be invoiced seperately

Please DO NOT enter your Active Kids Number when Registering Online

If you have an Active Kids Voucher that you would like to use towards your club fees please email them to



All members must wear our Skylarks Uniform when playing.  This is the following:-

* Skylarks Playing Shirt

* Black shorts or skorts.  Skins or compression tights maybe worn underneath but shorts or skorts must be worn over the top of these.

* Sky Blue socks




Our Skylarks fees.  This is separate to the registration and insurance.   This part must be paid no later than 30th April. 

We want everyone to be able play a sport and be active but we also understand the high cost of living.  If you do require a payment plan to be able to pay off the Skylarks fees please contact us in regards to this.  This will not be an issue at all.   We do need to know ASAP and regular payments must be made.  Please email our Treasurer at 


Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions.  Also please make sure you read the Hockey NSW Discrimination.  These must be read and adhered by.

Any issues please email

Thank you

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